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vmxservice consuming 100% cpu

New Member.

vmxservice consuming 100% cpu

Hi everyone.

I am using trilead for more than 2 years, and it was always a trustable solution.

Lately i am experiencing problems with utilization of cpu. after 24-48 hours since the service is running with no backup in the background the process is climbing to 100% cpu usage and remains there. Only restarting the service solves the problem for anothe 24 hours.

I am using trilead on Server 2008 r2 SP1 64 bit, no changes were made lately to this specific server.

During the appereance of the problem described I was using version 6.0.011. After that, i upgraded to 6.1.2 but the problem remains.

Any ideas will be apreciated 

Micro Focus Expert

Re: vmxservice consuming 100% cpu

This is not a known issue.

To further analyze this, we need to take a deeper look into your environment and analyze logs.

The best is to handle this within a support case.

A support case can be opened here: -> Submit Requests