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HPE explorer

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HPE explorer

Good afternoon, 
We recently contacted the support to find out a number of things about the HPE explorer software but they derived us here since they had no answer. We tested HPE explorer in its free version and it only let us connect to our vsphere / vcenter servers through the root user, in the paid version is it possible to change the user?

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Re: HPE explorer


you have been pointed to the free forum because you are using the free version and do not have a support contract. Once you have bought the product, you will be able to get support via email or phone.

Coming back to you question:
As explained in the help text of the GUI (in the context where you enter the credentials), a root password is required.
This is the same in the paid version.

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Re: HPE explorer


Thanks for your Reply

Yes, we know that we need a root password but out problem is that we need to connect with different user like "admin" with administrator right. This is because we have 6 servers in one cloud provider and this provider let us to connect with admin, administrator and users like that with admin right but not with root.