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Allegiant Travel Company: Voltage SecureData


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Allegiant Travel Company deploys Micro Focus Voltage SecureData with Secure Stateless Tokenization and Voltage SecureData Web with Page-Integrated Encryption (PIE) to protect credit card data and customer information and comply with PCI standards.
Webinar: Enabling complete privacy protection from legacy to modern IT
Is the newest quantum breakthrough an encryption killer?
The latest quantum-computing breakthrough is great, but there's still no fear of today's security encryption being broken.
Format-preserving hashing: A better way to anonymize your sensitive dataUse format-preserving hashing to anonymize sensitive data — and save your businesses money
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Top resources for cloud-native secrets management

API keys, SSH-keys, passwords, and OAuth 2 are hard to secure and manage in today's cloud-native apps. Here is an essential guide. 

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