Web Client Error

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Web Client Error

I am running TRIM 7.1 on a Win 2008 R2 Server.


It is common for users to drag emails from Microsofts Outlook and save them to an alternate location such as a share drive. However, when attempting to load these emails from an alternate location such as a share drive, using TRIM Web Client I am receiving  the following error message.


      Cannot read the file " C:\HPTRIM\WebClient\Working Folder\ /23393/RE U MSG TITLE HERE.MSG".

       The system cannot fine the file specified. (0x00000002).


The Process

Loading documents into TRIM using the web client is a two step process. First the document is loaded to the Web Client Working Folder which is located on the server and then the document is saved into TRIM. The error occurs during the second step when the web client attempts to save the loaded document into TRIM.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Web Client Error

is that the actual structute of the file it is trying to access? 


C:\HPTRIM\WebClient\Working Folder\ /23393/RE U MSG TITLE HERE.MSG


seems like a badly formatted file name to me.. with the "/" and all 



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Re: Web Client Error

If you are using IE it's a known problem and there is an open product defect open, FireFox does not have this issue.

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